Our commitment:


 To : Get the best possible recovery outcome in the most efficient timeline while minimizing the potential of aggravation to existing injuries.



To : Address the most common muscle imbalances using exercises proven to increase multi-joint stability and functional performance measures.



To: Implement the principles of kinetic ordering and corrective exercise applications for post-rehabilitation and athletic development and performance.

Positive movement rehabilitation to add life to years!

Exercise Therapy Program Options:

  • Individualized post rehabilitation program available 1-5 days per week
  • Appropriate for injured clients no longer in the acute stage and ready for active stretching and strengthening programs in the gym and/or pool/hot tub
  • Include pool program, supervised gym workout, ball and core stability program, work simulation, stretching, education on body mechanics

 Geared towards:

  • Post injury clients needing exercise therapy & rehabilitation for functional restoration or return to work
  • Clients needing physical conditioning plus re-socialization and a positive atmosphere to help overcome psychological issues. (such as depression or medical conditions)
  • Post Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Clients on Long Term Disability


1:1 individual gym or pool time


Heather Stanton, BPE, BCRPA Trainer of Fitness Leaders, Vocational Exercise Rehabilitation

Monitoring/Coaching Through to Graduated Return to Work


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