Membership HOLD Policy


                    Travel                            Medical


We are happy to offer our valued members time extensions on their memberships due to an extended holiday or during times of ill health to our members or the immediate family.  

Only holidays that are minimum 2 weeks or longer will be considered.  We will only cover the time you are actually away, not a week before you go or a week after you get back.


We must be notified prior to the holiday and you are required to write down the date you leave and return in the book provided or email this information to us.

If you are away for medical reasons we would appreciate that you call us as soon as you are able. In some circumstances you may be asked to supply a written doctor’s confirmation of your condition and/or a return to exercise clearance upon return.

There may be a few exceptions to this policy however, these are limited to extenuating circumstances out of your control.

Less than 2 week vacations or illnesses will not be given consideration.  



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