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Massage the body or stimulate circulation, oxygen and blood after long trips or extended periods of sitting. Enjoy at home or while travelling. Plugs into any receptacle including an RV or camping outlet.

Features – 2 Easy

  • Lightweight less than 60 lbs/28 kgs
  • Compact Base dimension of 22” x 24”
  • Portable Easy for travellers or Rv users
  • Collapsible Plus wheels for easy moving or storing
  • Accessible Unobstructed access for the immobile or wheelchair bound
  • Durable  1 year warranty
  • Customizable 60 speed levels. Manual and pre-set programs
  • Capacity 265 lbs/125 kgs


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How to use EasyVitality Vibration Plate Products

You’ve bought yourself an EasyVitality Vibration Plate, assembled it and now you want to know how to use your new health product. This is the right place for that. The slideshows below will guide you through your workouts and help you to achieve your fitness, flexibility and strength goals.

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